Path of Seduction

Markie More and Cody Cummings
Cody Cummings is unquestionably an individual who motivates partners to check out something totally new. Cody is aware that evaluating your very own boundaries can result in brand new areas of delight. After hooking up with Markie More in her lodge, Cody finds out that an extremely fascinating woman is looking forward to meet him.
Cody arrived by to see how, he and Markie mesh would go hand in hand, and also to get a feel for how they’ll work together. Markie delivered along their new gf, Lola Castillo. Lola is a total nut just who likes watching her guy suck fat, tough dicks. She’s seen Cody’s work and can’t wait to see Markie cover their mouth around Cody’s illustrious dick.

But something much more than simply the trial blowjob starts to develop when Cody shows up. There’s SIGNIFICANT chemistry between Lola and Cody. Markie may also feel it and is becoming very jealous. When Markie dips out to simply take a fast bath before drawing Cody, Lola and Cody get REALLY friendly.

Markie comes as well as he and Cody have down to business. Lola watches as Markie slurps Cody’s enormous erection. She’s switched in as Cody’s amazing body moves rhythmically while Markie licks Cody’s opening. Seeing both of these chiseled, male specimens enjoy one another is nearly also much for Lola. Before Cody renders, she discovers another moment to be alone with all the Then Door STallion. She feels his still-pulsating penis together along with her arms. She allows Cody glance at her butt underneath her top. And she provides Cody this lady quantity…

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