Cody Cummings giving thanks to his fans

Whenever you acknowledge a lot about Cody Cummings, you know he’s highly thankful by his fans. He feels he can not even show how thankful he’s to be favored with such loyalty and devotedness. That is why he are back up to show thanks to a special individual who sent him an amazing Texas sweatshirt. Watch Cody as he alters the mode from gratitude to satisfaction as he strips away his new equipment and begins to what he does the best. Cody jerk his dick in a room where the sun are dribbling in, dancing away the shapes of his unbelievably muscle body tone. If only he was watching johnny rapid prison shower 3 thing would go alot quicker. Cody are applying an additional sexy, real extraordinary appearance for you in person, thanking every stroke of the way. And so enter the mood as aesthetic ease and build, as Cody acts, into an burst of heat and joyful thanks.

Jayden Ellis rimming Cody Cummings

Jayden Ellis are genuinely thirsty with an appetite that’s unsatiated. Fortunately for him Cody Cummings has something ready for his lips. Jayden slowly bares Cody out of his clothes, and so starts rimming his tight asshole, twisting him over and investing Cody’s arising muscle cock down his throat to try and curb his personal crave. Only it is not enough for him, so he seizes his bowl of cereal and milk and Cody becomes his early breakfast. Gushing the milk into the crack of Cummings ass, he soaks it completely up with his tongue and fills up his bowl. Today all it calls for are exactly a little of Cody tasteful cum to bring in the best way to start the day

Code Red

In the scarlet lit night time, Joey Hard rests illuminated like the evening’s winning prize. Cody Cummings spies him from afar, moving his hands throughout his chest and falling them into his tight blue jeans as he fantasizes about what he’d do to him. Minutes later, imagination becomes truth, and Cody holds Joey, like if it was Colby Keller from behind, kissing him up and down his sexy body, massaging his entire body towards Joey’s very soft skin… And this is just the Beginning!

A Very Sunny Cock

Right after taking a stroll around the year, breathing in the lovely smell of all the wild blooms and feeling the warmth of the shiny summer sun massage his human body, Cody figures it’s time for a tiny ‘Han Solo’ action, as he calls it, mentioning to his huge fat cock and his palm. Oh, and his balls of course. Can’t overlook them. Anyway, the sunshine is very hot, Cody is hot and the semen he shoots all over our rock walkway is even hotter!

Mutual Affection

The sexy Men Cody Cummings is laid out on the bed, legs spread and silently fondling him self via his panties. In the reflectivity of the mirror, one can make out the object of his purposes. Lucas Knight stands above the bed slowly influencing his big cock, gazing down at Cody’s mainly uncovered body and feeling the poke in his shorts begin to grow very intensive. Disrobing, he joins Cody at the end of the mattress, as the two of them stroke their wonderful big dicks, like Rafael Alencar would have done, while the other one watches. Not content to merely observe, Lucas goes nearer to Cody, kissing down his sexy and well trained human body and taking his stiff penis into his wet mouth. Cody forces his cock down Lucas’ throat as the head of his prick starts to pulsate heavily. Lucas is bent over Cody, shoving a nice butt plug up his tight ass while Cody watches. Cody then bangs Lucas’ mouth as Lucas is jerking off, suddenly he is exploding all over Lucas’ pretty face as Lucas releases his very own massive cumshot in a sweaty explosion all over his body! Have Fun!

2 good Friends: Cody Cummings and Rod Daily

If you didn’t know, Cody & Rod Daily are very good buddies, even when they’re not in front of the video-camera. For this weeks special scene, we’ll be following this two sexy studs back to Cody’s home after they’re done with one of their hard workout routines.
Cody invites Rod in for a minute to relax after the hard training, but it rapidly turns into much more than just a chill session…. And you probably know what this means? Exactly: A lot of Men-Milk!

Cody Cumming’s Special Thanks To His Fans

As you probably already knew and saw, Cody Cummings really loves all of his fans! And fans like you love him back! Today he’s exposing a few gifts that were sent to him with love and affection, while giving thanks in his own way!
Join Cody as he tells you why this pair of shoes means so much, what his plans are for the jersey, and how awesome his new football poster is. Then he’s getting much more cozy, taking out his fatty dick and tugging it bit by bit to start. Then he’s getting on his new gear, lying on the black sofa and continuous to pleasure himself by stroking that incredible huge, thick men-prick. And don’t forget: Cody did this Show just for his Fans! ENJOY!

Servicing the Help

The horny Guy Johnny Torque made some wise investments as a young businessman, and now he frequently hires someone from a housekeeping and cleaning service. As the Service Personal arrives the rich Man requested that Cody work totally nude. Cody sayed yes. This time, Johnny wishes the same type of assistance. The only factor he may switch is the payment method… Enjoy this great and free XXX Video!

Getting Familiar

New about the house is Campbell Stevens, swiftly turning into a fan favorite, but yet to make the acquaintance of Cody Cummings… ‘til now, that is. Extended on a love seat for two, the fellas are obtaining to know one another. Slowly but surely, acquiring his time, Campbell strips for Cody and then vice versa, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his penis in endorsement. Cody joins him on the chair and spreads his sexy male legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a mouthful of Cody’s fast growing curiosity. Teasing the head of his tasty prick, Campbell entices Cody further and Cody strokes his shaft while Campbell sucks on the tip, all while wanking himself harder and harder! Enjoy this great Video with Cody Cummings!

Campbell Stevens with Cody Cummings

This new man around the mansion today are sexy star Campbell Stevens, and is rapidly getting a fan darling here at the site, but yet to make the acquaintanceship of bisex pornstar Cody Cummings… until now, that is. Stretched out on a love place for two men, the guys is becoming to know one another very well. Slowly, taking his own time, Campbell gets naked for Cummings and the other way around also, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his dick in blessing. Cody joins him on the seat and fans out his two legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a taste of Cody’s producing hammer.

The Best Man

Today is a very unique day for Cody Cummings, as his best buddy is getting wedded in a few short hours. Cody is all dolled up and prepared to attend the special event, as the automobile is en route to pick him up. To get a half hour to kill, he begins imagining of marriages and his ideas quickly turn to the wedding night time. As he brushes his hand up in opposition to his crotch, he understands that his daydreams have obtained him a little worked up. Beads of sweating form on his brow as he unbuttons his shirt to reveal his well trained and very sex chest, glimmering from perspiration underneath his tuxedo. Meticulously disrobing, Cody places his hands on the inside his pants and pulls out his long penis, developing in his hand as he licks his palm and begins to masturbate. Bending back on the couch, he distributes his awesome legs and punches his head back in illusion, operating his free hand up and down his shaking torso until the head of his dick is pounding to burst open, which Cody does with only a couple of minutes to give up. Today is going to be a excellent day, without a doubt!

Dylan Hauser with Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings are upon the look out for freshly talent for his adult internet site. Dylan Hauser shall be his next audience. Hauser has been a few of sex websites like Drill My Hole and Str8 To Gay. And Cody Cummings believes Dylan genuinely should have what it takes. Cummings puts Dylan to a humble exam. And Hauser didn’t let down Cody the least bit. With a full range of skills on the exhibit, Dylan excels in both the oral and manual drills, passing the test with flying colours, and flashing cum

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