Getting Familiar

New about the house is Campbell Stevens, swiftly turning into a fan favorite, but yet to make the acquaintance of Cody Cummings… ‘til now, that is. Extended on a love seat for two, the fellas are obtaining to know one another. Slowly but surely, acquiring his time, Campbell strips for Cody and then vice versa, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his penis in endorsement. Cody joins him on the chair and spreads his sexy male legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a mouthful of Cody’s fast growing curiosity. Teasing the head of his tasty prick, Campbell entices Cody further and Cody strokes his shaft while Campbell sucks on the tip, all while wanking himself harder and harder! Enjoy this great Video with Cody Cummings!

Campbell Stevens with Cody Cummings

This new man around the mansion today are sexy star Campbell Stevens, and is rapidly getting a fan darling here at the site, but yet to make the acquaintanceship of bisex pornstar Cody Cummings… until now, that is. Stretched out on a love place for two men, the guys is becoming to know one another very well. Slowly, taking his own time, Campbell gets naked for Cummings and the other way around also, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his dick in blessing. Cody joins him on the seat and fans out his two legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a taste of Cody’s producing hammer.

The Best Man

Today is a very unique day for Cody Cummings, as his best buddy is getting wedded in a few short hours. Cody is all dolled up and prepared to attend the special event, as the automobile is en route to pick him up. To get a half hour to kill, he begins imagining of marriages and his ideas quickly turn to the wedding night time. As he brushes his hand up in opposition to his crotch, he understands that his daydreams have obtained him a little worked up. Beads of sweating form on his brow as he unbuttons his shirt to reveal his well trained and very sex chest, glimmering from perspiration underneath his tuxedo. Meticulously disrobing, Cody places his hands on the inside his pants and pulls out his long penis, developing in his hand as he licks his palm and begins to masturbate. Bending back on the couch, he distributes his awesome legs and punches his head back in illusion, operating his free hand up and down his shaking torso until the head of his dick is pounding to burst open, which Cody does with only a couple of minutes to give up. Today is going to be a excellent day, without a doubt!

Dylan Hauser with Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings are upon the look out for freshly talent for his adult internet site. Dylan Hauser shall be his next audience. Hauser has been a few of sex websites like Drill My Hole and Str8 To Gay. And Cody Cummings believes Dylan genuinely should have what it takes. Cummings puts Dylan to a humble exam. And Hauser didn’t let down Cody the least bit. With a full range of skills on the exhibit, Dylan excels in both the oral and manual drills, passing the test with flying colours, and flashing cum

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Creative Juices

Cody Cummings has lately received an honorary PhD in Literature from a fairly famous university on the West Coast. As an attempt to grant something back, he’s arranged to tutor young students in his spare time. On this special occasion, we find him at the house of hardworking and aspiring Jay Cloud. Jay has been battling with a scenario of writers block recently and he has a composition due in just a couple of days. He’s very thankful to have a advisor like Cody to help him clear his mind. Right after a little work, Cody can see Jay is engaging with a lot of stress. He rubs his shoulders to help him chill out a little. The guys come to the decision that taking off their t-shirts will certainly aid in the procedure of relaxation. The eyesight of Dr. Cummings’s uncovered chest and biceps and triceps causes a immediate swelling in Jay’s penis… Take a look at this video to see what will happen next!

Head Shots

The Hot Gay Star Cody Cummings is back with one hot little and boyish twink! Corey Jakobs is about to get inaugurated into the Cummings scrapbook, as the two of them lie down by the fire place for a hot and steamy picture session that provides some extra flames off the camera. Corey is definitely fearful at first by Cody’s big meaty cock and his excellent physique, but in no time he starts to get more and more comfortable with Cody and the sexy situation, and before you know it, he’s got himself a face full of Cody’s tasty man snatch… Yes, that is really hot!

The Special Massage

Paul, a good friend of Cod, informs Cody that Donny has inquired about getting a private massage lesson from the hot and always horny Cody. Paul assures Cody that the restrictions have been explicitly proclaimed. Donny agreed that should this personal massage take place, it would be a easy rub down with nothing else included. But Donny did request that Cody be totally naked. Upon Paul’s strong endorsement for Donny, Cody says yes to perform the special massage service. Donny quickly arrives at Cody’s selected location. After a small talk the two strip down. As Cody oils up his hands and fingers, Donny catches a perfect view of his incredibly sexy, totally nude masseur. So would happen when Cody starts to massage his guest Donny? View this great and very hot Video to get the Answer!

Color Strokes

Pink droplets mixed with wonderful purple. Cody Cummings comes full circle. He paints his horny entire body with purposeful motion. Giving care where care is due, he jerks his bid cock, why don’t you…
We join Cody for this creative manifestation session, where the Next Door Stallion is soothing a little and preparing to create a piece of interpretive, abstract work. Enjoy it!

Circle of Trust

All over the shoot property, Cody Cummings is known to frequently keep to himself. He does, however, keep a tight-knit group of trusted companions. Among these folks is the sexy, boyishly attractive Joey Hard. Cody enjoys Joey’s fun-loving zest for daily life. When Cody and Joey are lounging around, there’s seldom a dull moment. These two are absolutely good pals.And if you’re acquainted with Cody’s type, you know scenarios come out especially tight and especially HOT when he’s working with someone he knows well and trusts. This time, Cody’s spreading a sofa with Joey as they both stretch out on the couch to enjoy an adult Digital video disc together. When Cody pulls out his tool, Joey quickly adheres to suit, pulling out his own juicy piece. Check out these two inflammed dongs, getting stroked slowly and sensuously, alongside. But Joey Hard can’t be taunted by the sight of Cody’s throbbing hard-on for too long without having his own hands on it. He’s helping his friend out by tugging firmly on Cody’s massive dong. And Joey’s not letting this opportunity pass without seizing the chance to wrap his lips all over his friend Cody’s swollen dick. Cody’s enjoying the experience of his trusted friend’s lips, slurping back and forth on his bulging cock. It’s really pure enthusiasm and unbridled heat as these two get very comfortable and highly intense. Enjoy this hot Scene!

Risky Business

In a high-stake community of the adult modeling, Cody Cummings is some kind of a really big deal. He is a huge icon in front of the video camera, but he exerts considerable impact behind the scenarios as well. Cody understands that to run an effective outfit, he need to stay on top rated of performers, especially fresh new faces. He’s called for young Jasper Robinson to pay a visit to his workplace. Jasper arrives just as Cody is cracking golf balls around the office. Cody’s modus operandi is to deal frankly yet gently with young talent. He’s warm but firm. He tells Jasper in no doubtful terms that some other models and employees has expressed views to Cody and among themselves that Jasper may not be a excellent fit for the production assisting tasks studio heads have recently been assigning him. Jasper had asked to pick up a little more work for him self around the sets, in between modeling. Light jobs, like moving production lights, carrying products, and cleaning up a little bit. A professional photographer, a few cute models, and the behind-the-scenes guy had reported that Jasper lacked motivation in doing this function, and suggested Cody let him go from the position. But when Cody feels Jasper’s willingness to ‘fight’ for his cool production job, he puts Jasper to the test to see exactly how far he will go. After telling Jasper to take his clothing off, Cody pops out his large, swelling cock for Jasper to have a good look. Jasper knows what he needs to do now, but before performing this bit of side work, Cody has Jasper guarantee not to divulge details to anybody. Jasper agrees and fills his mouth area with Cody’s fat and delicious meat. He slurps as his superior’s penis grows very hard. Cody has Jasper turn around and spread his ass wide open while they both continue stroking their hard erections. You won’t consider to what lengths this ambitious young star will go to make sure his job is secure. Enjoy this hot Video!

Natural Cody Cummings

Cody Cummings are doing something a bit different this time for his website. Relaxing. Just sitting back. Zero costumes. No histories. No nothing. Just a personal time between you and Cummings. He begins by tardily rubbing himself as he gets naked little by little, teasing you along the way. Half nude, he takes out his pornstar cock out of his unzipped fly and he are already half hard for you. Jerking it into full erection as he stands up by the sunlit window, his body are well-lighted in all its muscle beauty, but Cummings has something else upon his mind today, so he throws himself on the bed and gets at work as you keep an eye on his naked body .

Cody Cummings rubbing Donny Wright

Cody Cummings are, mostly, a orderly stud. What most would discover strange are the reality that he does indeed make money on being a hot pornstar. Despite a lot potentially profitable offers to enlist in private, individual meetings with fans, Cody remains reasonably stand-offish in his own life. On this extraordinary occasion, however, he is pacing beyond his common limits to the enjoy of a real passionate Cummings fan. A person with the name of Donny Wright. Donny agreed that should this secret rub down take place, it would be a simple and quick massage and thats it. But ofcoz Donny did request that Cody be naked.