Feet First

Colt streams provides! That is an amazing encounter in which feet perform a unique part. Cody Cummings enjoys every time, indulging within the smooth passion exuded at Colt streams. Colt is an experienced guy so you will be certain knows how exactly to deal with a massively thick cock like Cody’s.
He’s a foot hound and then he features the chance to get their hands, lips, and dick on Cody’s famously sexy footsies. Colt isn’t holding right back one little bit. He begins by licking all of all of them more than, after that drawing Cody’s boner-inducing toes. If you understand much about Cody’s past encounters, you know he enjoys heavy attention on his feet. After tasting them, Colt moves up so he is able to fuck them while they’re still damp and gluey, while jerking Cody as well. This is a special way to enjoy the After that Door Stallion’s body, and Cody quickly senses and likes invention. In fact, it tends to make Cody want to sperm… hard. But before he does, he’s allowing Colt cover their lips around that throbbing beast of a hardon. After that, Cody’s rising along with Colt’s face to drop his balls in and shove his cock downward into Colt’s neck.
‘Choke me along with it!’ can be hard from Colt while he requires Cody’s meat deeply. Watch these types of intelligent performers heat factors up as it works toward a cozy, mind-blowing finish.

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