Cody Cummings, Brandon Lewis and Tyler Torro

When Cody Cummings, Tyler Torro and Brandon Lewis hangs out in the gym together, the chains begins moving, the sweat begins beading and the muscles begin bending. Showing as is voracity as dick that he does for the bench, Brandon Lewis 1st fondles Cody’s chest and six pack abs earlier bringing down his boxers and taking his hard cock into his mouth. Torro tends up against an punch bag and gets down to stroke himself as he checks out the blowjob scene, and Cody, ever the embassador of dick, hints that Brandon should quit being so damn egoistic with the blowjob and invite Tyler as well. So at once Tyler and Cody is taking turns fucking Brandon’s mouth, and Tyler gets the crasy thought that Brandon has 2 cakeholes to use, so he pulls up behind Brandon and altogether , Cody and Tyler are both getting their dicks wet.

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